White label

At Crafts by Solid – White Label, we understand that each brand is unique, with its own values and vision. Our white label collection offerings are carefully designed to cater to this diversity, providing a wide range of styles — from vibrant and colorful to subtle and minimalist. Whether you’re looking for fashion, homeware, or lifestyle accessories, our selection is versatile enough to meet the needs of every conscious brand.

The process is designed with simplicity in mind: choose what fits your brand from our offerings, and our artisans will create it with hand and heart for you, according to your selection. Each product is meticulously branded with your brand identity, including labels and hangtags, resulting in an aesthetically appealing and ethically responsible product, ready to be offered to your customers. All this integrates seamlessly into your existing collection.

By opting for our white label services, you can count on products that not only meet the highest quality and ethical standards but also carry the unique essence of your brand. Make it easy for yourself with our hassle-free approach, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: building your brand and engaging your customers with products that are both meaningful and beautiful. Join Crafts by Solid – White Label and experience how simple it is to enrich your offering with our authentic, impactful creations.



At Crafts by Solid, we provide a white label service featuring handmade fashion from India and Peru. Leveraging traditional craftsmanship like kanthacrochet, and hand knitting, we focus on ethical and sustainable production. Our collection offers unique pieces for brands seeking to add depth and story to their lineup.

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At Crafts by Solid, we offer handmade lifestyle and accessories from KenyaIndia, and Peru, emphasizing ethical and sustainable practices.

  • India: Sari-based and handwoven items, featuring kantha, sewing and crochet.
  • Peru: Hand-knitted pieces showcasing Andean textile traditions.
  • Kenya: Accessories made with local sisal and palm leaves, using traditional weaving.

Partnering with us supports global artisans and enriches your brand with authenticity. Click to explore unique offerings.



At Crafts by Solid, we blend ethical and sustainable practices with the traditional craftsmanship of artisans from KenyaIndia, and Peru to curate a unique homeware selection. Inspired by the global aesthetic and rich textures seen in diverse artistic expressions, our white label offering seamlessly complements a variety of styles and homes. With a collection that includes sari-based textiles and handwoven decor from India, hand-knitted items from Peru that showcase rich Andean textile traditions, and distinctive accessories crafted from local sisal and palm leaves in Kenya, we offer pieces that enrich homes with elegance, warmth, and texture. Each item in our selection is a testament to authentic cultural richness.

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